Friday, June 10, 2005

Last Day of School!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I am soooooo excited! This year has taken so long, and Ive wanted it to end for a long time. Most of my Centerville friends know how long it's been since I started counting down the days until the last day of school. 133 day, November 8, 2004. I know Im sad, but oh well. Today isnt all that exciting though, I have two exams. In fact I have my two hardest exams today, AP English and Advanced Algebra and Trig. Oh well Ill do anything to get this year over. I have Saturday and Sunday, and thats it until I leave for Russia. Im not sure if Im excited to go or not...Although I am really excited to go to Prague. Anyways I have to leave for school, sorry WP kids, u guys still have a week left :) Well ttyl! Oh and the Next time I write, Ill be a senior!

Monday, June 06, 2005

4 More Daysof School Left!

Hey Guys,
Sorry I havent written in so long. Its been a really busy week. On Saturday I had to usher at Centerville's Graduation. I didnt get to stay for the whole graduation because I had to leave to go babysit for Kevin's best friend. On Sunday we went to Church, and I had to be asked to serve again, this time the reason was that George got sick. Anyways... from there I had Katie B's graduation party. The party was really fun, and Im gonna miss all my senior friends. After the party I had to help serve at the Churches joint celebration of mothers and fathers day. We had to be the waiters for a meal that Paul cooked. Paul is an amazing chef! You all can see how busy I was and that was just this past weekend! Well I g2g, ttyl!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Last Day for Seniors

Today was really sad because it was the last day for Seniors at Centerville HS. 3/4 of my friends are seniors, so Im really gonna feel the loss tomorrow. Today consisted of a lot of photo taking, promising to keep in touch, and signing yearbooks. I cant wait until Im a senior. Im ready for it all to be over. Well Ill write more soon. Luv ya!