Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I have been so stressed lately, and it is all because of the AP tests. They shouldnt be too hard, Im just worried about failing. Oh and it doesnt help for my mom to say that if I do fail the tests than I have to pay for them myself. You know what I have to pay for a lot of stuff lately and it really sucks! Oh well what can I do. Last night I watched Red dragon, the prequel to silence of the Lambs. That movie was a million times scarier and grosser than Silence of the Lambs! Man if you get squeamish (I think thats the word) easily, definately dont see this movie. Oh and I found out that Hannibal Lector (one of the main characters) is a forensic psychiatrist. For those of you who dont already know, I no longer want to be a lawyer or a judge, but now I want to be a forensic psychiatrist. This new career excites me so much, because Ive always wanted to know how the criminal mind works. I just think that creating criminal profiles and testifying in court as the expert will be so much fun. Plus with this career Im less likely to get shot at or harasses than if I were to become a lawyer or a judge. You know what... Ihavent played Sims 2 in like a month! That is a super long time for me, but Ive just been so busy, and along with being grounded from TV, Iwas also grounded from computer games. Okay well I g2g.
<3 a heart and a rose -----@ for you all!


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