Thursday, May 19, 2005


The reason I havent written in so long is because Ive been writing my reasearch paper for English. I had to do a 5 page paper on William Faulkner's short story "Barn Burning." It took forever to write that paper because we had to cite literary criticisms within the essay. It sucked, but Im glad its over. Im so relaxed now, which is kinda bad, because I dont really care how I do in certain classes anymore. I actually considered not writing that research paper. Im so lazy, especially when the school year is almost over. Oh and yesterday at my meeting for the Russia trip we had to play that stupid get to know you game "Honey I love you, why don't you smile." Besides that the meeting was okay. We learned that we will be experiencing an immense culture shock when we get there. Oh and that meeting was all the way in Cincinnati, so we had like a 45 minute drive. The whole drive Caitlin made us listen to Ben Folds. I now officially hate Ben Folds music. I know Im offending some of you, but I like music that you can dance to, I dont like music where all you can do is bob your head. Well anyways Ive got to go. Sims 2 is calling my name!


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