Thursday, May 05, 2005

AP Lit

Today was my AP Lit test. I feel like so much has been lifted off my shoulders. I had feared this day for like the entire yesr. Im so glad its all over. Although tomorrow is US history and that is gonna be a massacre. Im so scared! I took a practice test today and I practically failed it. I definitely hope that I wont be failing tomorrow's. Oh, yesterday was my Russia meeting. It was okay, but Paul made us play that stupid game Honey why dont you smile, or its called something close to that. Anyways TODAYS SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!! Im so excited! I cant wait until Im 21 because Im gonna apply to be on that show as soon as I reach that age. I cant remember if I have wrote anything about this yet, but my Mom made this new role where we cant watch more than an hour of TV a day during the school week. This means no more Law and Order: SVU everyday for 3 hours. lol. Anyways other than all of those things Im doin gr8. Wish me luck on my next AP test and for all my fellow smarties good luck on your AP tests.


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