Sunday, May 29, 2005

Car Wash

Hey guys! Well today has definately been very long. First of all we had to go to church. Originally I was just supposed to do nothing and just attend the service, but then it turned out that there was no one to be crucifer (alter server). They had to recruit me to do it. Ive never been crucifer before, so I had to take a crash course in being a crucifer. It wasnt too bad, I only made a couple unnoticable mistakes. Anyways after Church we had a car wash to raise money for our Russia trip. We charged $5.00 a car, and we only washed like 10 cars. It was a complete waste of time, if we had all just donated $5.00 in the 1st place, then we wouldve made more money. Oh well, Im gonna go back and watch some TV. ttyl

Saturday, May 28, 2005

9 Days of School Left!!!!

I cant believe it, the year is almost over. I actually completed an entire year without my buds from West Potomac. I also cant believe that Im gonna be a senior next year. I kinda still feel like a freshmen. Although I am ready to ship off to college, but Im not ready for the work load. Im sure that I wont be able to get away with not studying like i did all through HS. Ya know what... Im really gonna miss all of my senior friends. Well i g2g, every 4th Saturday of the month we help out at a homeless shelter. ttyl!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh man, I cant wait. I am so tired of school, and basically Centerville in general. I have so much work to do. It should be that at the end of the school year you should relax, but no, thats not the case. Instead we have buttloads of homework. At Centerville HS we have to take a final exam for all of our classes. We even have exams on the last day of school. I wont be able to skip the last day like I used to in Alexandria. I cant wait to go to Russia. I just want to get away from Ohio. Anyways... Ive got to get back to my homework so ttyl.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


The reason I havent written in so long is because Ive been writing my reasearch paper for English. I had to do a 5 page paper on William Faulkner's short story "Barn Burning." It took forever to write that paper because we had to cite literary criticisms within the essay. It sucked, but Im glad its over. Im so relaxed now, which is kinda bad, because I dont really care how I do in certain classes anymore. I actually considered not writing that research paper. Im so lazy, especially when the school year is almost over. Oh and yesterday at my meeting for the Russia trip we had to play that stupid get to know you game "Honey I love you, why don't you smile." Besides that the meeting was okay. We learned that we will be experiencing an immense culture shock when we get there. Oh and that meeting was all the way in Cincinnati, so we had like a 45 minute drive. The whole drive Caitlin made us listen to Ben Folds. I now officially hate Ben Folds music. I know Im offending some of you, but I like music that you can dance to, I dont like music where all you can do is bob your head. Well anyways Ive got to go. Sims 2 is calling my name!

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I have to go to church twice today. I have to go to the regular 10:30 service, but then I also have to go to Christ Church Cathedral for my confirmation. I missed confirmation at my regular church because I was in Florida for spring break. it kinda sucks because I will be the only one from my church at the Cathedral. Im not too nervous, I just want to get it all over with. Well I got to go finish getting ready for church. ttyl

Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday the 13th

I hope none of you have encountered anything suspicious, becasue afterall it is Friday the 13th. I think I saw 3 car accidents today, I hope all of those people are allright. Yesterday was my last Leadership group meeting. Our group is throwing a benefit concert at this place called the Attic. I have been so busy calling around for sponsors for this event. I think it should be pretty fun, we even got to design tshirts for the event. Oh guess what I have a huge reasearch paper due on Wednesday, and I havent done anything. I am gonna be so screwed next week. Oh well... Ive got to go continue watching Friday the 13th on AMC. See ya!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Kevin and I have been going out on walks every night after dinner. Im getting really tired from this, also I wore my really cut doctor scholl's paul frank shoes today, and now my feet kill. Ive been thinking lately that I should cut or dye my hair. My haur is so boring, I need to do something exciting. School ends in 22 days (not counting weekends). Oh well I g2g Im playing Sims 2 for the first time in a month. ttyl

Monday, May 09, 2005

So Much Stuff

Sorry I havent written in so long. I have been sooooooo busy. Remember my AP tests, well after those I had to go to the zoo with my mum 4 mothers day (saturday), and then when I got home I had to get ready bcuz it was prom night. I also slept over at my friends house that night. We got home from after prom at 4 am and didnt get to sleep until 5 am. The next morning (sunday) I had to get up at 9am to go to church. After church I had to take my little bro (kevin) and his best friend out on a hike. The hike lasted for two hours (imagine two hours with two kindergarteners), and then I had to go out on a driving lesson. I also had a bunch of other things to do. I didnt get to bed until 1130 pm. Oh, and I think and hope my AP scores will be very good. Anyways wish me luck with that.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

AP Lit

Today was my AP Lit test. I feel like so much has been lifted off my shoulders. I had feared this day for like the entire yesr. Im so glad its all over. Although tomorrow is US history and that is gonna be a massacre. Im so scared! I took a practice test today and I practically failed it. I definitely hope that I wont be failing tomorrow's. Oh, yesterday was my Russia meeting. It was okay, but Paul made us play that stupid game Honey why dont you smile, or its called something close to that. Anyways TODAYS SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!! Im so excited! I cant wait until Im 21 because Im gonna apply to be on that show as soon as I reach that age. I cant remember if I have wrote anything about this yet, but my Mom made this new role where we cant watch more than an hour of TV a day during the school week. This means no more Law and Order: SVU everyday for 3 hours. lol. Anyways other than all of those things Im doin gr8. Wish me luck on my next AP test and for all my fellow smarties good luck on your AP tests.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Another pic from this past summer. This was just before a dance we went to. Im with Amanda in this picture. This pic was also taken at Camp Silver Beach.

This is also from this past summer. Im even darker in this picture. Actually Im a little too dark in this pic, its actually kinda scary. lol . Oh and the girls with me are Darcy (yellow shirt) and Fran. They went to Camp Silver Beach with me.

This is from this past summer. Look at how dark I am! Oh and you all are probably wondering who these guys are, well they are Andrew(sunglasses) and Ross. They were both counselors at Camp Silver Beach.


Hey I just uploaded all of these pictures so you all can see what I look like now, well sort of anyways because those pics were from last summer. I havent found any good pictures of me since then to put up. When I do i definitely will.


I have been so stressed lately, and it is all because of the AP tests. They shouldnt be too hard, Im just worried about failing. Oh and it doesnt help for my mom to say that if I do fail the tests than I have to pay for them myself. You know what I have to pay for a lot of stuff lately and it really sucks! Oh well what can I do. Last night I watched Red dragon, the prequel to silence of the Lambs. That movie was a million times scarier and grosser than Silence of the Lambs! Man if you get squeamish (I think thats the word) easily, definately dont see this movie. Oh and I found out that Hannibal Lector (one of the main characters) is a forensic psychiatrist. For those of you who dont already know, I no longer want to be a lawyer or a judge, but now I want to be a forensic psychiatrist. This new career excites me so much, because Ive always wanted to know how the criminal mind works. I just think that creating criminal profiles and testifying in court as the expert will be so much fun. Plus with this career Im less likely to get shot at or harasses than if I were to become a lawyer or a judge. You know what... Ihavent played Sims 2 in like a month! That is a super long time for me, but Ive just been so busy, and along with being grounded from TV, Iwas also grounded from computer games. Okay well I g2g.
<3 a heart and a rose -----@ for you all!

Monday, May 02, 2005


I'm pretty dissapointed that I cant go to prom this year. For all of you who dont already know, Im going to Russia and The Czech Republic this summer. Im going for a mission trip. Well anyways my parents were going to pay for the whole thing, but then I got in trouble, another one of my arguments with my parents. Anyways because of that I now have to pay for the whole thing my self. It really sucks because I no longer get allowance, I dont get any of the money I earn babysitting, and I dont even get lunch money anymore! (I now bring my lunch) All of this money has to go towards the trip. In fact the last thing that I bought was The Sims 2 (the best game ever!) in like february or somewhere around there. I seriously have nothing new. Most of you know that I love earrings, and now I cant buy them anymore. Its so sad. Oh well I guess Russia is worth it. Back to prom... I cant go because it costs like 10 dollars for prom tickets, 8 dollars for after prom, 100 dollars for a dress, 30 dollars for shoes, and like 20 dollars for dinner. As you can see, If I cant afford lunch how am I supposed to be able to afford all of these prom expenses. Anyways Im off of my no TV for 2 weeks starting like now, so Im gonna go jump on that. Ill write more latta!
Until then, Au Revoir!


Im just about to leave for school. When I woke up this morning I thought today would suck big time (Mondays always suck!) I was doing my hair this morning when Gwen Stefani's Holla Back Cirl came on. It totally made my day! Anyways my dad is badgering (I love that word) me to get up so we can leave.
Luvs ya!

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I just came back from a 2 hour driving lesson with my Dad. We were in downtown Dayton (basically the Ghetto) the whole time. There were cops everywhere so it was pretty scary. Anyways I learned a bunch of new stuff, although I do feel pretty dorky being one of the only Juniors at Centerville HS who cant drive. Oh and I just found out that my dad didnt have his cell the whole time we were driving. Man, if there was any trouble it wouldve only escalated without the phone. Anyways today is the last day of my 2 weeks of no TV punishment. (I got into several huge arguments with my parents) Im so excited, it has been very hard not being able to watch survivor or Amazing race for the past 2 weeks. Oh and we have AP tests next week (US hist and English Lit) Im really scared. Oh well thats life.
Lots of Luv!

My 1st Entry

Hey everyone!
Well Im not quite sure what Im gonna write, but anyways here it goes. Today I went to a Dayton Dragons baseball game with my youth group. It completely sucked! I hate baseball so i guess that explains it. Being at the game was okay, mainly because I had friends there with me. I was there with Ashley, Laura, Megan, and Caitlin, and then all of the other youth group people. Paul was gross as usual, and it was soooooo freakin cold! We all got free hats (I gave mine to Kevin) You know what writing all of these peoples names just made me realize that a lot of you dont know who they are... so Im gonna create a name list.
Ashley- Youth group friend (age 17)
Laura- Youth group friend/shaperone (age 21)
Megan-Youth group friend(8th grade)
Caitlin-Youth group friend (senior)
Melanie-Youth group friend (age 17)
Amy- Youth group friend (9th grade)
Paul- youth minister/ Rev. at St. Georges episcopal Church
Kevin- My brother (age 5)
Vandi- My brother (age 14)
Megan D- friend in my physics class/ leadership class
Elise- my senior friend
Katy B- my senior friend
Katy T-my senior friend
Christina-my senior friend
These are the names that I will be using the most, but Im sure that I will have more names later, but for now this is good enough.
Well I g2g this was fun and I cant wait to write again.
I love you all!