Friday, June 10, 2005

Last Day of School!!!!!!

Oh my gosh I am soooooo excited! This year has taken so long, and Ive wanted it to end for a long time. Most of my Centerville friends know how long it's been since I started counting down the days until the last day of school. 133 day, November 8, 2004. I know Im sad, but oh well. Today isnt all that exciting though, I have two exams. In fact I have my two hardest exams today, AP English and Advanced Algebra and Trig. Oh well Ill do anything to get this year over. I have Saturday and Sunday, and thats it until I leave for Russia. Im not sure if Im excited to go or not...Although I am really excited to go to Prague. Anyways I have to leave for school, sorry WP kids, u guys still have a week left :) Well ttyl! Oh and the Next time I write, Ill be a senior!

Monday, June 06, 2005

4 More Daysof School Left!

Hey Guys,
Sorry I havent written in so long. Its been a really busy week. On Saturday I had to usher at Centerville's Graduation. I didnt get to stay for the whole graduation because I had to leave to go babysit for Kevin's best friend. On Sunday we went to Church, and I had to be asked to serve again, this time the reason was that George got sick. Anyways... from there I had Katie B's graduation party. The party was really fun, and Im gonna miss all my senior friends. After the party I had to help serve at the Churches joint celebration of mothers and fathers day. We had to be the waiters for a meal that Paul cooked. Paul is an amazing chef! You all can see how busy I was and that was just this past weekend! Well I g2g, ttyl!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Last Day for Seniors

Today was really sad because it was the last day for Seniors at Centerville HS. 3/4 of my friends are seniors, so Im really gonna feel the loss tomorrow. Today consisted of a lot of photo taking, promising to keep in touch, and signing yearbooks. I cant wait until Im a senior. Im ready for it all to be over. Well Ill write more soon. Luv ya!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Car Wash

Hey guys! Well today has definately been very long. First of all we had to go to church. Originally I was just supposed to do nothing and just attend the service, but then it turned out that there was no one to be crucifer (alter server). They had to recruit me to do it. Ive never been crucifer before, so I had to take a crash course in being a crucifer. It wasnt too bad, I only made a couple unnoticable mistakes. Anyways after Church we had a car wash to raise money for our Russia trip. We charged $5.00 a car, and we only washed like 10 cars. It was a complete waste of time, if we had all just donated $5.00 in the 1st place, then we wouldve made more money. Oh well, Im gonna go back and watch some TV. ttyl

Saturday, May 28, 2005

9 Days of School Left!!!!

I cant believe it, the year is almost over. I actually completed an entire year without my buds from West Potomac. I also cant believe that Im gonna be a senior next year. I kinda still feel like a freshmen. Although I am ready to ship off to college, but Im not ready for the work load. Im sure that I wont be able to get away with not studying like i did all through HS. Ya know what... Im really gonna miss all of my senior friends. Well i g2g, every 4th Saturday of the month we help out at a homeless shelter. ttyl!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Oh man, I cant wait. I am so tired of school, and basically Centerville in general. I have so much work to do. It should be that at the end of the school year you should relax, but no, thats not the case. Instead we have buttloads of homework. At Centerville HS we have to take a final exam for all of our classes. We even have exams on the last day of school. I wont be able to skip the last day like I used to in Alexandria. I cant wait to go to Russia. I just want to get away from Ohio. Anyways... Ive got to get back to my homework so ttyl.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


The reason I havent written in so long is because Ive been writing my reasearch paper for English. I had to do a 5 page paper on William Faulkner's short story "Barn Burning." It took forever to write that paper because we had to cite literary criticisms within the essay. It sucked, but Im glad its over. Im so relaxed now, which is kinda bad, because I dont really care how I do in certain classes anymore. I actually considered not writing that research paper. Im so lazy, especially when the school year is almost over. Oh and yesterday at my meeting for the Russia trip we had to play that stupid get to know you game "Honey I love you, why don't you smile." Besides that the meeting was okay. We learned that we will be experiencing an immense culture shock when we get there. Oh and that meeting was all the way in Cincinnati, so we had like a 45 minute drive. The whole drive Caitlin made us listen to Ben Folds. I now officially hate Ben Folds music. I know Im offending some of you, but I like music that you can dance to, I dont like music where all you can do is bob your head. Well anyways Ive got to go. Sims 2 is calling my name!